We are proud that our supplier portfolio contains well established brand names. Through excellent service, reliability and adaptability we create relationships of mutual trust and support.

Siouras S.A.

Siouras SA was founded in 1926, aiming exclusively at the production of excellent quality Greek table olives. Our facilities are situated in Volos, a city with rich olive production, between the famous mountain of Pelion and the Pagasitic Gulf.  The company is privately owned and is runned by the third generation, which promises a combination of tradition, experience and introduction of new technologies.

The facilities extend in a privately owned land of 15.000 sq.m, at the A’ Industrial Area of Volos and include all the latest technology in the field of the elaboration of olives. We own underground storage tanks and modern machinery which in combination with highly experienced employees (more than 60), we can process annually more than 20.000 tons of excellent quality Greek olives, providing safety packaging and service.

E. & D. Kontos SA

All our products are closely linked to our tradition, our manners and customs and are an integral part of our cultural heritage. That is why we, in E. & D. Kontos SA , we feel the obligation to preserve them and pass them on to the next generations. Grandfather George, hence the name “from the grandfather’s orchard”, diligently and lovingly cultivated his orchards, producing quality products in the sunny and fertile land of the Lilanti plain of Evia. With the same criteria, his children and grandchildren continue this tradition, creating exquisite, delicious products reminiscent of another era.

Preserving fruits and vegetables with sugar and processing them into jams is a great way to use them. For the creation of our authentic recipes, only fresh fruits are used and during the production process, all the rules of hygiene and safety are observed in accordance with the ISO 22000 Standard.


The oil of the family. In 1973, starting with our love for the olive oil and Greek land, we begin the production of olive oil «ARGOLIS».

Our basic principle has always been consistency and respect for the individual consumer.

The olive oil «ARGOLIS», like all our products are manufactured under the strictest standards and quality controls (certificates as ISO 22000 & ISO 9001).
But our most importantly achievement all these years is the confidence and esteem established with customers and partners around the world. The superior quality and customers confidence have led our company to continuous growth, resulting in a leading position in the list of companies exporting Greek olive oil.


ELMAR OLIVES was founded by Konstantinos I. Margaritis in 1989. The company is located at the base of Parnassos mountain and has two privately owned facilities of 10,000 square meters. It is included in the olive grove of Amfissa which is part of the Delphi landscape.

The company started dealing in olive trade in the national market in 1989. Since 2005 it has been exporting in wholesale and has managed to reach all five continents and sell in the markets of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Middle East.


The company E. & K. EXARHOS Co. operates in the production of milk products at the production plant of our company in Elassona, Larissa. The company produces Feta (PDO) and Kaseri (PDO) and other products such as Myzithra, Kefalotyri and Katsikisio, combining the traditional way of production with modern hygiene and quality assurance, according to the national standards and Greek and European legislation.

Our company has at its premises a modern and equipped laboratory for chemical and microbiological controls that operates under the supervision of the Quality Manager. The company produces milk products (FETA, KASERI, MYZHTHRA) and implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the ELOT EN ISO 9001 IFS and BRC standard and the HACCP of the products produced.


Gregory Bavellas has been involved in beekeeping since the early 1970s. His passion and hard work led them to become more professional.
From the mid 80’s, the younger generation started to deal with beekeeping. Beehives start to grow and day by day honey production is up reaching a professional level without compromising it’s quality.


From the field to your table. Nestos production and warehouse facilities of 9,500 m2, located in Northern Greece are certified with the highest food standards. They are privately-owned, modern and equipped with state-of-art machinery. That’s how you know it is delicious!

Certified quality, guaranteed taste!
We responsibly ensure the excellent quality of our vegetables. Our entire production and distribution circuit are complied with international rules and regulations of food hygiene.


With the utmost respect to our culinary heritage and tradition, to the earth and its fruits, to the food and its recipients, we make Stuffed Pickled Vegetables, Pickled Vegetables, & Antipasti.

What makes us stand out on the market?
We grow our own vegetables on our farms. This ensures freshness and top-quality products.
Another factor that makes us unique is that we choose to not use machines, thus all the production is done by hand.
The result of this choice is that each jar is unique; it includes the creativity of our staff. Other companies over the years have tried to duplicate our secret recipe/process.